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This CoG project allows you to search for data from EUCLEIA here: Perform search.

EUCLEIA, the "EUropean CLimate and weather Events: Interpretation and Attribution project" is an EU-funded project studying the attribution of weather and climate risks for Europe. The project will develop and improve the methods to help answer the question "How has the risk of extreme weather events changed in Europe, due to human-caused climate change?"

 EUCLEIA will develop a climate modelling system to investigate heatwaves, cold spells, floods, droughts and storm surges in Europe. The project aims to provide well-verified assessments of the extent to which such weather-related risks have changed due to human influences on climate and to identify those types of weather events where our scientific understanding is not advanced enough to make a robust assessment of attributable risk.

The attribution system developed by EUCLEIA will deliver reliable and user-relevant attribution assessments on a fast-track basis in the immediate aftermath of extreme events, on a seasonal basis to stakeholder groups and annually to the scientifically prestigious attribution supplement of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.

Weather@home’s Contribution

The University of Oxford’s role will be to test different approaches to attribution, in particular to define extreme weather events and evaluate our models, using’s distributed computing system.

Apart from the scientific development of methods and models, a large emphasis of the project is on engaging with stakeholders in local governments, businesses and media. The project will investigate the questions that people actually need answers for, and to communicate the potential and limitations of attribution science. This dissemination of the main scientific findings of the project is also led by the University of Oxford.

EUCLEIA is mainly about testing methods for attribution, so most European models run through in the next few years will be related to EUCLEIA.

You can find out more about the EUCLEIA project at the project website here.

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